Mandem aspires to voice artists, their artforms and offer them with the liberty to express their sheer originality. The platform of Mandem embraces liberty and the freedom of expression thereby encouraging like-minded individuals to interact, connect and grow together in their own unique ways. Mandem is a place where artists get an opportunity to make their own network and grow. Welcome home. :)

Vidula Bhave (Choreographer)

Educating yourself in dance or any art form can deeply impact an individual's personal development and change the way they perceive the world.

instagram: @vidula_bhave

Arun Singh (Fashion Artist)

I believe Art is an expression of the imagination which we express through visuals. Art provides a range of forms, symbols, and ideas with meanings that are adaptable or malleable.

instagram: @amante_arav

Disha Duggal (Visual Art)

My art decodes the roadmaps of my consciousness in colors and symbols

instagram: @dishdugg

Shubham Thakkar (Video editor)

Talented people are the ones who don't think about how but, when.

instagram: @i_shubh_thakkar