Mandem founded in 2020 by Sanjay Shenoy, is a streetwear clothing line, conceptualised and designed for a niche community that stands apart from monotony. Sanjay’s concepts, imaginations, his experience from the luxury goods industry and his passion to interact and promote original art has led to the inception of Mandem. 

Mandem (common slang refer to a 'Gang' or 'group of friends' ) endeavours to bring one-of-a-kind art forms to the limelight through their peculiar, unique and gender-fluid clothing range. Not only does this range decode these art forms, it also adds a very exceptional fashion statement to your wardrobe. 

With an aesthetic inspired from the diverse creative imaginations of offbeat artists - who by the way, dare to shatter the glass ceiling - Mandem enlivens deconstructed silhouettes with a fresher and a more rad perspective. 

“You’re not ready for what’s to come. Mandem lends artists with a platform that gives them the freedom to be loud with their creativity and go limitless with its expression. And what’s better than watching your art impress people through the virtue of fashion?” - Sanjay Shenoy